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    How to Play The Backrooms Game?

    Do you enjoy horror games that put your sanity and survival skills to the test? Do you like to explore strange and scary places that defy logic and reason? If you said yes, you should play backrooms game, a game based on the popular creepypasta/meme of the same name.

    What exactly is the Backrooms meme?
    The Backrooms game began in 2018, when an anonymous user shared an image of a drab and vacant room with yellow walls, outdated carpets, and fluorescent lights on 4chan. The user stated:

    If you're not careful and noclip out of reality in the wrong places, you'll end up in the Backrooms, where there's nothing but the stench of old moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, the endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented empty rooms to be trapped in. God help you if you hear something wandering around nearby, because it's heard you.

    The post rapidly became viral, spawning numerous versions, interpretations, and fan creations. Backrooms became a common theme in horror stories, paintings, movies, and games.

    What exactly is the backrooms game?
    Backrooms Game allows you to experience the terror of the Backrooms firsthand. Pie On A Plate Productions created the game, which is free to play on Steam. The game includes the following features:

    • Level generation is infinite and random (nearly 600 million square kilometers of rooms).

    • In-depth, immersive craziness system

    • A entity that roams the Backrooms (you may not see it every time you play).

    • Based on the creepypasta/meme original

    The game was released in July 2019 and garnered overwhelmingly excellent feedback from gamers, who commended its graphics, sound design, gameplay, and overall atmosphere. In addition, the game is continually updated with new features and enhancements.

    How do you play Backrooms?
    There are only two simple rules to the game:
    1. Go as far into the Backrooms as you can without going nuts.
    2. Check your watch every 30 seconds to "remind yourself who you are and where you come from"

    What is the future of Backrooms Game?
    Backrooms Game's developer is now working on a complete edition of the game, which will have a feature-length campaign with additional levels, entities, treasures, and secrets to discover. DLC expansions for the complete edition are also planned for the future.

    Other Backrooms-themed games
    If you wish to experience the horror of the Backrooms in other games, you should look into the following titles:

    • Violet Angel Interactive's BACKROOMS: A survival horror game featuring tough non-Euclidean puzzles and first-person action, fuelled by a captivating narrative adventure.

    • Caffeine Studios' Escape the Backrooms: A 1-4 person co-op horror exploration game in which you must navigate eerie backroom levels while avoiding monsters and other perils in order to escape. On Steam, the game is presently 20% discounted until January 5th, 2023.

    Backrooms Game is a horror adventure game that allows you to explore the Backrooms' endless cosmic terror. The game is based on the original creepypasta/meme, and it has garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from players. In addition, the game is continually updated with new features and enhancements. You may get the game for free on Steam and track the progress of the full edition by adding it to your wishlist. If you're seeking for more Backrooms-themed games, you might want to check out BACKROOMS and Escape the Backrooms, both of which provide unique gameplay styles and experiences. Have fun in the Backrooms while remaining safe!

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