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Тема: Monero Anonymity

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    Monero Anonymity

    Monero anonymity provides a quick, affordable, and anonymous transaction. Using Ring CT (confidential transactions), monero anonymity creates a transaction so that the outputs are mixed with similar outputs from the entire TXO (transaction output set) set without revealing the amounts to anyone. Without a doubt, Monero is currently a very good option available for financial privacy among the tools in our privacy toolbox. Furthermore, it keeps getting better. Anyone who claims that ANYTHING can guarantee complete privacy, on the other hand, is ignorant of how challenging privacy is. First, you need to comprehend what blockchain anonymity entails. Bitcoin cryptocurrency is only partially anonymous. You can view the sender address, recipient address, and transferred amount for each transaction that is recorded on the blockchain. Monero anonymity improves that using ring signatures. Read more about the monero anonymity. Privacy and Monero anonymity. Ring signatures, an optional component of the protocol, were added to the monero network at the start of 2017 to enable confidential transactions. In September 2017, they were made necessary. For each transaction, a ring signature includes additional potential senders (mixins).

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