The basic thing that a woman does in her home, but sometimes you face some emergency situations, such as when guests come to you suddenly and your house is not organized .. Here we offer you a way to organize your home within one hour, according to the "Modern Family" site.
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1- The most important place that must be organized first is the entrance to the house, in which you receive the guests at the door, by removing any chairs or shoes in it and cleaning its place quickly.
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2- Clean the kitchen quickly, by washing the dishes and organizing the table, so that no one of the guests sees the kitchen disorganized when entering the salon room.

3- Organize the guest room and remove any stacks such as magazines, cups, etc., and vacuum it quickly.
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4- Clean the bathroom by washing it quickly and the basins using chlorine. Put tissue paper in it and also put a new towel and soap.
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5- You can sweep the house quickly with a broom to remove dust from the top of carpets, as well as dust from the surfaces.

6- The ceramic shine with soap and water is also fast, and it will not take long. افضل شركة تنظيف موكيت بالرياض