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Third phase: This stage is very important, the stage of packing furniture and chewing after decomposition into individual parts is carefully wrapped and carefully used using special packaging tools to keep all the pieces of loaf of transport shocks or scratches, the packaging is covered with pallets, cardboard, cork and other Materials used in the maintenance of shockproof furniture The movables and glass transporters are kept in padded cardboard boxes to keep them from breaking and smashing during transport.
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Fourth: - The fourth stage: Carry all furniture movers and put it in a certain way with the arrangement inside the vehicles for the transfer of furniture Ahbab Taiba and equipped to transport furniture and after the arrangement of furniture to ensure the correct storage is moving cars in the shortest and shortest routes to the new house to move furniture mechanism.
Fifth: The fifth stage: the rearrangement and installation of furniture again after the introduction to the new house and then returned to form and arranged on the body that was on it and polishing it again.
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