If you're looking to make money, you should cheap OSRS gold not be relying on the drops of herbs, since they're not any longer worth the money since the bots of Sorceress's Garden have taken over. If you're a slayer, or the slayer, you could visit Abberbant spectres, where you can find lots of herbs and high-level herb seeds andcan fetch you around 500k per hour, and isn't overly populated with bots.

My method of earning money is old-fashioned, unfortunately, with the exception of 2 which I don't think you'd enjoy. The two are dice-dodging (and I'm talking about dice dueling but not hosting, however) however, this is dependent on a 50/50 probability and there is a chance to be cleaned or even make a bank (I was twice smacked clean, however, as I was in a bind I didn't care about it. I made it to 10M, was cleaned and then, starting at 300K, got to 18M, and am stopping here after having won eight consecutively, which is a 1/256 chance )

It's PK'ing (which I'm sure you won't enjoy) In addition, iron dragons can be whipped perfectly, it's not too difficult. The worst part is, you can use fire blast. Then Duradel can assign extremely difficult tasks to people with 100+ CB and I would only recommend him if you're 115 CB+ (but If you have the option of using Kuradel do it!).

Personally, I would not suggest you get buy old school rs gold Bandos from your CB (if you're not 100or more yet!) I would suggest that you train your statistics more prior to making an try it too. If you have to, Abberant spectres are pretty decent, I would say.