Choosing the right specialty
Postgraduate studies are an extension of the first university stage, so that the student begins to deepen his specialization, so when he applies for a master’s degree, he must choose an appropriate specialization for his specialization in the bachelor’s degree. realization, and so on; Because even if he is accepted into graduate studies, he will find it very difficult, and he may not be able to succeed, because the master's stage is based on the bachelor's stage.

Obtaining a TOEFL certificate
The TOEFL is an English word in origin, which is (TOEFL), and the letters of this word are an abbreviation of the following English sentence: (Test Of English as Foreign Language), and this sentence means (Test of English as a Foreign Language), and TOEFL is an exam in English, and the The student must pass it, and it measures the student’s level in the English language, through several sections, namely listening, grammar, speaking, and reading, and there is no failure or success in this exam, but it shows the number of points that the student obtained by submitting the exam, and here the issue returns For the university that requests this condition, it determines the number of points the student must obtain in the TOEFL certificate for approval, and then approve his admission to graduate studies.

Educational level
After the student fulfills the necessary conditions for admission to the university, the study phase will begin. It does not differ in its form from the undergraduate study at the undergraduate level, but the differences lie in the following:

The number of hours
The system of study hours in postgraduate studies is followed in most universities, but there are some universities that follow the system of years, by specifying the number of years that the student must commit to the university in order to obtain a master’s degree, and for the system of hours, the number of academic hours scheduled for a master’s degree varies according to However, most universities depend on evening studies for thirty-three hours, which the student must complete in order to finally obtain a master’s degree.

The nature of the study
The person who goes through the postgraduate stage discovers that his studies at the bachelor’s degree are a superficial study of the specialization, and it is just the tip of the pens, which will benefit him in his future career and nothing more. However, when starting postgraduate studies, the student begins, through the lecturer, to explore the depths of his specialization, and to study it in a scientific and analytical manner. Then he begins to conduct a comparative study, and gets acquainted with all the theories of his specialization, in all its subjects and branches, and begins to express his personal opinion with all comfort, and expresses his criticism as well. on the one hand, and the student and lecturer on the other.

Master's Thesis
It is a research presented by the student in which he has his personal opinion, written in his scientific style, and it is not a research in the true sense of the word, but rather a group of research, in one message, all of which are placed within one template, and then this thesis is presented to a body specialized in the subject which the message poses, and consequently it is what permits the acceptance or rejection of this message; Because this message, as a result, must leave a certain imprint, specific to the researcher, and benefit science, and students of science in the future.
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