South Korean President Moon Jae-in pointed out It may be time forShaolinKoreans to stop eating "dog meat" amid criticism and awareness campaigns for animal rights.

although not as widespread as before But dog meat is still a popular food for adults and seniors in South Korea. Some restaurants still serve dog meat dishes. While some supermarkets still have dog meat for sale.

Moon has expressed his support for the ban on dog meat. After listening to a report from Prime Minister Kim Bu-Kyum about measures to take care of abandoned animals. and the dog registration system in South Korea.

“After knowing the report The president said it was time for us to seriously consider the dog meat ban,” spokeswoman Park Kyung-mi said. stated in the statement

This is the first time Moon has mentioned the ban on dog meat, a traditional Korean dish. and is expected to lead to serious debate.

Politicians who are vying for the presidency of South Korea have raised a policy of banning dog meat in a bid to gain popularity among the younger generation. especially when dogs are seen as “Human pets” than animals raised for food. and there are many The organization has called on the Seoul government to close restaurants and markets that still sell dog meat.

Lee Jae-myung, the most populous governor of Gyeonggi Province. and is the new candidate for president of the South Korean ruling party The announcement supported a referendum to ban eating dog meat, while opposition party favorite Yoon Seok-yul. indicate that it is “Personal choice”

A survey by animal protection organization Aware released this month. It found that 78% of respondents thought the production and sale of dog and cat meat should be banned in South Korea, while 49% agreed to a ban on dog and cat meat.

Another poll conducted by Realmeter found that South Koreans differed in opinion on the dog meat ban, but 59% supported the state to enact legislation restricting slaughtering dogs for human food.