A complete set of aluminum stage truss: mainly composed of aluminum trusses of different lengths and different specifications, base, counter head, diagonal support, square sleeve, cross arm, hoist, sling, and construction.

1. Base: It can be divided into iron and aluminum base. Mainly used for the stabilization of the ground.

2. Square sleeve: The height of the beam can be easily adjusted by the square sleeve.

3. Inclined support: used to support the stability of the entire system of aluminum alloy trusses.

4. Cross-arm: At the top of the truss, it is mainly for hanging hoists.

5. Counter-head: It is used when building a high height, and can achieve a higher height by erecting the head.

6. Sling: A tie that connects the hoist to the aluminum truss.

7. Hoist: It can be divided into two types: hand-held and electric hoist, which are used to lift aluminum alloy trusses.

The above is an introduction about which parts of the aluminum alloy truss are made. I hope that it will help you after reading. If you have other 12 inch aluminum square box truss problems, you can contact us if you want to consult.