Here's How You Can Transfer Money From PayPal To Cash App And Cash App To PayPal:

You Can Link PayPal and Cash App Via Their Cash Card, And Your Checking Bank Account. Some Additional Steps are Going to be Required For Link Both Apps Each Other, And Transfer money From PayPal To Cash App . It isn’t very Intuitive, But it’s Possible.

Method 1: Connect Your PayPal and Cash app through a Checking Bank Account, And Transfer Money FromPayPal To Cash App.

1. Connect your PayPal to your Checking account.

2. Connect your Cash App account to your Checking account.

3. Transfer money from PayPal account to the linked Checking Bank Account.

4. Transfer funds from Checking Account to Cash App Account.

This method is best for those that transfer themselves and their personal accounts. While transfer fees are usually free, you need to wait 1-3 business days between transfers.

Method 2: Connect PayPal and Cash App through Cash App Card, And Transfer Money From PayPal To Cash App.

1. Activate your Cash App Card.

2. Get your Cash App Bank and Routing Number.

3. Add your Cash App Bank And Routing Number on PayPal as a Bank.

4. Transfer money from PayPal to Cash App Bank account.

This method is best to use when transferring money to an account that’s not your own. This is often the sole way for those that don’t feel safe to link their bank accounts for seasonal transactions.

Cash App Provides routing and checking account numbers are assigned to their Debit Card ( Cash Card) which you’ll use to transfer as a bank. The Cash App Card is free for all verified Cash App users.

In Addition, You Can Send Money From Cash App To PayPal Via PayPal Cash Card. PayPal Provides Own Cash Card And Bank Routing Numbers which will be used for direct deposit.

1. Activate your PayPal Cash Card.

2. Get your PayPal Cash Card checking account and routing number.

3. Add your PayPal Cash Card checking account and routing number as a bank on Cash App.

4. Transfer money from Cash App to PayPal.

PayPal Cash Card allows you to access funds directly from your PayPal balance. It allows direct deposit at no cost, with no monthly fees and no minimum balance.