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    adidas stan smith black white

    Low profile and super sleek, the adidas Cyber Monday 2020 adidas Stan Smith is an iconoclastic sneaker silhouette that has remained at the top of the tennis shoe game since its release in the 1970s. Slip into a pair of adidas Originals Stan Smith casual shoes today and experience the lightweight comfort and retro-inspired style that’s as classic as it is forward-thinking. While the white and green colorway is a popular option among streetwear enthusiasts looking to make a statement on the concrete jungle.

    The simple minimalist look that has made the adidas Stan Smith as popular as it is hides a much more complicated story. At a glance, the sneaker is a retro signature adidas stan smith black white shoe that rose to prominence thanks to tennis champions in the 1970s, fell out of favor, and then enjoyed a comeback thanks to its ability to carry the big ideas of collaborators like Pharrell and Raf Simons in the 2010. A sneaker once beloved by elite sportsmen got renewed by fashion’s cutting edge, always with an eye towards sophistication and subtlety.

    For over four decades, the adidas Originals Stan Smith has maintained its status as a world favorite. The adidas Black Friday Deals three iconic midfoot stripes have been replaced by three subtle lines of perforated holes — and the effect is magical. Timeless and elegant, this minimalist shoe’s low profile and tasteful splash of color around the ankle have made it a favorite of tennis players and casual fashion fans alike.

    As the signature logo on the tongue promises, this Look for shoe was named after Stanley Roger Smith, the best tennis player in the world in 1971. And as such, the Originals Stan Smith had to be a performance machine — ready for the court and all the rigors placed on a tennis shoe. Full-grain leather adorns the upper, making it durable and comfortable as well as giving it a premium look. Inside, an EVA midsole and synthetic lining hold your heel and forefoot in place while providing comfortable, full-foot support.


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