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    How to fix my printer won’t print issue?

    My printer won’t print - if this problem is related to color or black printouts, then you will have to check for the particular ink cartridges. If your printer doesn’t print at all, then need to check the ink cartridges, replaced it if found any critical issue. Always keep your printer driver software updated, the old version of the software is connected to almost all the printer problems. You can also download the HP Print and Scan doctor, now run this free tool, and it will diagnose the problem automatically. Get these measures to your printer and solve printer won’t print issue.

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    What to Do When Your Printer Won't Print a Document then

    Check Your Printer's Error Lights. ...
    Clear the Printer Queue.
    . Solidify the Connection.
    Ensure You Have the Right Printer.
    Visit here for more information : Samsung printer wifi setup

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