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    Basic Information About insect

    Aphid insect is a small insect of a few millimeters long and its body is juicy. Some types of wings have different colors, some of which are green, black, brown, etc., and so are called green fly or black fly, and sometimes called plant lice.
    They reproduce quickly and are found in clusters below the leaf blade and in the soft parts of the plant and around the branches and flower buds and not the problem by being present on the plant alone, but it may cause the plant to be infected with fungal or viral fungus being secreted while feeding on the plant juice is a sugary substance that attracts pests and their causes.

    How do you know that your plant is infected with the disease of manna?
    The incidence of falling leaves, and flowering buds do not bloom.
    Plant growth stops almost.
    The multiplication of flies.
    The presence of sticky materials in the ground of the plant.
    Ants are collected because of sugar.
    Insect resistance:
    Remove the infected parts.
    Exposure of the infected plant to a strong water sprayer drops insects.
    The use of adhesives on the surfaces near the plant or optical and electrical traps.
    Spraying systemic or contact pesticides or soap solutions.
    Biological control can be used to breed its enemies in nature, such as the broccoli insect, because it feeds on them.

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